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Hartford Seminary
77 Sherman Street, Hartford, CT 06105-2260
phone: (860) 509-9500 | fax: (860) 509-9509

Unless specified, numbers are 860-509-xxxx

9572 Ansari, Bilal Faculty/Macdonald Center
 9535 Arulampalam, Elizabeth Student Services
9557 Awad, Najib Faculty/Ph.D. Program
9563 Brancato, Gale Library
9502 Browne, Lorraine Executive Assistant to the President/HR
9508 Clark, Brian Online Learning/Faculty
9568 Crawford, Ann Library
9549 Demo, Tina Recruitment & Admissions
9524 Gardner, Chantel Business Office
9538 Grafton, David D. Interim Academic Dean/Macdonald Center
9521 Grant, Deena Faculty/Macdonald Center
9520 Havira, Steven Communications/Development
9506 Jones, Andrea Reception/Library
9510 Kamaly, Hossein Faculty/Macdonald Center
9518 Laher, Suheil Faculty/Macdonald Center
9511 LaVine, Danielle Registrar/Financial Aid
9528 Lezak, Margaret Women’s Leadership Institute
9501 Lezak, Roseann Administration/Facilities
9502 Lohr, Joel See President’s Office below President
9547 Lummis, Adair HIRR
9517 Mansoor, Aida Recruitment & Admissions / Islamic Chaplaincy Program
Michot, Yahya Faculty/Muslim World journal
9552 Milliken, Phoebe Peacemaking Program Coordinator
9532 Mumejian, Nick Muslim World journal
9565 Norton, Allison HIRR
9553 Pavao, Marcia Dean’s Office
9507 Piazza, Michael HIRR/Faculty
9502 President’s Office President’s Office
9562 Rovero, Marie Library
9525 Sandner, Michael Chief Business Officer
9543 Schaper, Donna HIRR/Faculty
9519 Schoenberger, Susan Communications
9518 Smith, Shanell Faculty/Cooperative Master of Divinity
Taylor, Andy Facilities Maintainer
9542 or 9553 Thumma, Scott Faculty/HIRR
9556 Van Dyke, Kaaren Development
860-231-1544 Walker, Althea Educational Programs
9514 Watts, Benjamin Faculty/Black Ministries Program
9542 Wiggins, Sheryl HIRR
9558 Winter, Miriam Therese Faculty/Women’s Leadership Institute
9554 Yuskaev, Timur Faculty/Macdonald Center


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